My website shows this "Index of/" when I access it. I have already uploaded my files. Print

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This is called directory listing. There are two (2) scenarios:

(1) You do not have an "index.html" file. The web searches for your homepage which should have the following extension or filename:


Basically, an index.html file is what the web recognizes.

(2) All files have been uploaded but are inside another directory or folder. For an instance, you have a folder named "mywebsitefiles" which has all your web files and you uploaded it inside public_html. When you access your website, you will see something like this:

Index of /~

 Name                    Last modified          Size       Description
Parent Directory                                      -  
cgi-bin/                  26-Mar-2009 14:12     -  
mywebsitefiles      26-Mar-2009 14:12     -

Move all contents of "mywebsitefiles" to your public_html directory and try visiting your website.

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