How to check Domain Availability

Do you have a domain name in mind and you want to check whether it is available or has already been taken? We provide a free domain availability check up on our site (

Domain names are actually alphanumeric characters that represent the IP address of the server. During the domain registration process, the most important part is choosing the domain names. Before domain registration, a domain check is essential to find out whether the domain name you want already exists or has been reserved by someone.

To check the availability of the domain names, the names are entered along with the appropriate TLDs like .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info, or country code domain extensions like,, The domain names chosen should not exceed 67 characters excluding the extensions. Only alphabetic characters, numeric characters and hyphens are accepted for domain names. The hyphen cannot be used at the beginning or end of the domain names. If the domain is available, you can use the particular domain name. Otherwise, you need to search for another one.

* Note: Having a domain name available for a certain time that you have checked it does not guarantee that it will be obtainable. Domain names are real-time, that it could be registered by someone else just after you have checked and paid for it. should not be held liable for any paid or ordered domain names that have already been taken. There are options that we can go through.

1. If your preferred .com domain has been taken, you can choose other extensions (.net, .org, etc.).

2. Putting hyphens, i.e.,

3. Adding related names or adjectives to your domain name, i.e.,,,, etc.

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