How To Pay WEB.COM.PH Using GCash 列印

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Step 1: Open the GCash App on your mobile phone and SCAN WEB.COM.PH QR CODE below.

QR Code


Step 2: Enter the Peso Amount (ex. 1500) to be paid and TAP the "Next" button.


Step 3: Confirm amount is correct then TAP "Pay php" button. 

Send Payment


Step 4: Once paid, it is important to save PROOF of GCash REFERENCE NUMBER by taking a SCREENSHOT of EITHER:

a) the "Successfully Paid To WEB.COM.PH" on the GCash App; OR

b) the TEXT MESSAGE received from GCash.

Screenshot  - OR - GCash TXT


Step 5: EMAIL the following to to FULLY VERIFY your GCash payment:

  1. INVOICE NUMBER from the Client portal; AND
  2. SCREENSHOT of GCash Reference Number (as shown in Step 4 above).


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